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In 1085, Lerins monks were in charge of Saint Michel church.  During the religious wars, the monument was heavily damaged; one piece came back which was repaired.

We believe that the chapel was dedicated to Saint Michel during this period.

Two Naves were built, the left one in 1728 and the right one in 1762.The first one with crosspieces, the second one with arises. The main Nave ended up with an apse covered by a quarter-sphere vault, which was restored in 1968. A tabular altar was added to the original structure supported by a grindstone. The nave is barrel vaulted with slightly pointed arcades. Cross springers on pilasters support the vault.

A wooden statue ( polychrome wood) is set against one of the pilasters on the left side: this statue features Saint Michel bringing down the dragon, a creature with a disproportionate human face.  Adonis Volpato, not only the priest but also a stonemason, would spend 20 years of his life to look after his church. Ampus inhabitants are really proud of his work.   He has twice won the national contest for “endangered masterpieces”.

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